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We are MakeTek, focused on quickly tranforming your idea into a working product, we provide services in all facets of the development cycle. From Definition to Deployment.

Development Services

Rapid Prototyping

Agile development, fast release cycles, a race to a minimum viable product

Lean Software Development

Turn your idea into a product, learning and adapting in the process.

Network Infrastructure

A secure and reliable foundation for your network, build to scale.

Singular Services

Risk and Opportunity Analysis

Unlock development opportunities, and handle risks proactively.

Design specification

A full Definition of your product, build-ready for any developer.

Security Audits

Vulnerability assessments of your network or webapplication.


Our maketek timeline

  • September 2015

    The Idea

    In a student dorm, 3 independent programmers team up to realize their goals.

  • December 2015

    The Start

    MakeTek starts its first development.

  • January 2016

    The First Office

    Our first office located inside the TU Delft.

  • March 2016

    First bigger projects

    MakeTek has not gone unnotticed and larger corporations show their interest, projects for DUWO and ITTDesk start

The Team

Stijn van Schooten

CTO / Architect

Tim de Boer

CIO / Security Expert

Ilja Bakx

CFO / Organizational Lead


MakeTek can help you build better products, grow your business, and satisfy your users. If you are interested in what MakeTek can do for you, leave your information we will get in touch.

MakeTek V.O.F.

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